How to choose the comfortable office chair?

A good chair is a guarantee of successful work! Office chairs should be not only comfortable and convenient but also reliable, high-quality and practical. Office furniture is an indicator of the solidity of the company and its owner. Moreover, ergonomically and anatomically correct chair will allow you to keep correct position during the long working day. Nowadays the online stores like Office Chairs Only can provide you with a lot of various types of chairs. Let us consider the main selection criteria which you should bear in mind.

If you want to make a right choice you should find out what kind of functions and mechanisms it shall possess. The ergonomics can help with it. Ergonomics can be determined as a science about a mutual adaptation of the person and his workplace for a decrease in loadings, work-related. Ergonomics can be active or passive. The chair meeting the requirements the active ergonomic will be necessary if you spend more than three hours at the office or home desk. Such chair will provide anatomic the correct landing in operating time and will help to unload muscles during rest.  That is why you should pay attention to the next functions: fixing of the chair and its back in a standard position;  the possibility of fixing of a chair in any point of movement; adjustment of height and inclination of a back, adjustment of the height of sitting and armrests; availability of the lumbar roller; adjustment of elasticity;  balancing of a chair with or without the shift of the centre of gravity; synchronous movement of a back and sitting in a chair; AntiPanic system, which prevents capsizing of a chair during sharp movement.

In case if you sitting less than three hours a day, you will be enough of a chair that meeting the requirements of passive ergonomics. Such ergonomics using features of the sizes and a form of an armchair and provide comfort in case of static sitting

The important factors determining a quality of furniture are upholstery material, reliability and convenience of the operating nodes and details, a possibility of regulation of mechanisms, and also the availability of decorative elements. The framework of a product shall be made of high-quality metal. It is the key feature to reliability and a durability of a chair. Speaking about materials does not forget about of their ecological compatibility. It is better to demand the documents confirming the safety of goods. The design of high-quality office chair shall have surely a five-beam support on well rotating castors. High-quality office chair shall be made of ecologically harmless hygienic materials. As an upholstery, genuine leather or high-quality synthetics which allow skin to breathe is used and keep fixed body temperature. Usage of a leather substitute and plastic on the lower and back surfaces of a chair is also possible. The upholstery of office chairs made of high-quality waterproof fabrics. The color of upholstery is chosen to take into account a surrounding situation and furniture at the office. The gray, black, brown and blue tones considered preferable.


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