How To Go About The Extraction Of Your Wisdom Tooth?

Of late, the dental problems have become quite a cause of concern for people in the United States. The major reason that can be attributed to the problem is the increase in the consumption of chocolates and fast-food which is sticky and thus is a cause of various dental problems. The dentists have done their best efforts and have come up with several treatments and procedures to make it easier for you to deal with these problems and conserve the health of your teeth.

Many people suffer pain because of their wisdom tooth and prefer to get it extracted rather than bearing the pain and the dentist Upper East Side provides with safe and secure extraction of your wisdom tooth. Sometimes, you get your wisdom tooth extracted just in order to prevent any future problems that are generally caused by the wisdom tooth. But you need to be careful about the extraction of the wisdom tooth and take a few precautions which are:

  • You shall avoid sticky drinks and food at least 48 hours before the extraction.
  • You must consume good quantity of food before removal of wisdom tooth as you cannot eat for few hours after the extraction of teeth.
  • In case, you have any tooth infection, the infection must be healed before undergoing the surgery.

How the wisdom tooth is extracted:

The doctors make the use of the local anesthesia in most of the cases in order to numb the pain that you may experience while the extraction of the wisdom tooth. The dentist removes the gum tissue and any bone that is covering the area of the tooth.

After this, he removes the tissue that connects the tooth to these bones and extracts the tooth out. In case, the tooth is tough to extract, he may break it into some parts and removes them one part after another.

After the removal of the tooth, the doctor may or may not give you the stitches. Some of these stitches dissolve over a period of time while some others may be needed to be removed by the doctor after a specified period of time.

How to deal with pain after the extraction?

After the surgery, you may feel little to heavy pain depending upon the time when effect of the anesthesia disappears. In such cases, you can adapt to the following things that will help you get overcome the pain:

  • You can resort to the pain killer medicines to alleviate the pain.
  • You can also chew a garlic or clove in the mornings to avoid the pains. If you are brave enough, you can also chew the onion which may be painful for a few seconds but is highly effective for long time relief.

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