Induction Selection Names The Best Induction Cooktops

Induction Cooktops are becoming some of the most popular types of cooking surfaces that home chefs like to use these days.  Because of their versatility, they are becoming a popular selection for most consumers.

October 5, 2015 – Induction Selection has named its best induction cooktops available to consumers today.  In a thorough evaluation the site determined, based upon a set of criteria, the 10 best options available for consumers to choose from.  This comparison also examined the induction type of cooktop in comparison to other types of cooking surfaces.  This included looking at induction vs. gas or electric options.

Included in the examination were four different basic types of induction cooktops.  These were the one burner, the two burner, built in, and range induction types.  This evaluation gives consumers viable options to fit their particular needs.

In the one burner category, Induction Selection found that the best option was the Max Burton 6200.  This option was considered to be the very best because it acted as the fifth burner for those who needed one additional cook space than what their range offered.  This was also the ideal option for use outdoors.  The versatility of this one burner option made it the ideal selection.

Of the two burner options, the very best choice according to Induction Selection was the True Induction S2F2.  The site found that this had great versatility not only because it could be used as a separate standalone piece, but also have the functionality of being a built in model.  This was ideal for those that had additional counter space which could be used to insert this two burner cooktop.

Of the best built in models, the GE PHP960DMBB 5 burner model was considered head and shoulders above the rest.  Those who have been using this model swear by the great precision of burners provide, as well as the unique design that affords and accommodates different cooking pans as well as providing varying ranges of heating.

The best were aimed should induction cooktop, these also provided by GE and is the GE PHB925STSS.  This has the most advanced features of a little today and even has the perfect turkey option.  What a great feature to make for the perfect Thanksgiving.

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