It Is Time To Forget About Dry Scalp

Dry scalp and dandruff are two of the most annoying and difficult to get rid of scalp problems. These make people feel uneasy and they surely will not help in making a positive impression on a date or job interview. In this article, we will focus on dry scalp, at first helping you to make sure that this is the problem with which you have to deal, and then presenting some treatments that you can try.

  1. Are the signs indicating dry scalp?

As we have mentioned before, many people mistake dry scalp for dandruff and vice-versa. It is important to be absolutely sure that you know the problem before applying any treatment, as sometimes you can aggravate the problem even more. The first sign that tells you that you have a scalp problem is the shedding of white flakes. However, these can appear either because you have dry scalp or because you have a problem with dandruff. In the majority of cases, dandruff is caused by an oily scalp. As a consequence, the treatments that are indicated in this case are intended to make the skin become drier, which is exactly what you don’t want to obtain in your case. The easiest way to make sure that it is dry scalp is to analyze the white flakes a little bit. If these are oily, it is dandruff, but if they are dry, your problem is caused by dry scalp and the treatment has to be one that is indicated for treating this affection. Do you want to have this problem with dry scalp gone forever? Then, continue reading the next point.

  1. Protect your scalp more and help it stay moisturized

A dry scalp has to be protected during the seasons with extreme temperatures. Both low and high levels of temperature will affect you scalp in a negative way and low levels of humidity will also have a negative impact. You should cover your head when going outside, thus protecting your scalp. Also, you should never rub your skin with the towel after the shower. This affects not only the scalp, but also your hair, which will look damaged after several attempts to dry the hair in this brutal way. Hot water will not help your skin either, as it will make it even drier.

Especially during winter, your skin needs extra help in order to stay moisturized. The simplest, cheaper and most efficient solution is to apply a homemade mask, made of fresh and healthy ingredients. Avocado is the ultimate ingredient, the ingredient that your mask should definitely contain. You can try to add honey, egg yolk, yogurt, honey or olive oil or a combination of these ingredients. You should try various combinations before deciding which one is perfect for your skin.



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