SimpleCert Introduces New Storage Service And Free Trials

SimpleCert was established as a certificate provider for people or organizations requiring their own diplomas and certificates. The company has offered its customers the possibility to create and send their own certificates through a professional portal. The entire service is deeply customized, so it can meet anyone’s necessities.


Portland, OR, USA, July 25th, 2015SimpleCert has recently announced introducing two extra services in order to entice its customers. First, apart from the actual design and the possibility to send certificates, customers also have the opportunity to store all their work over the Internet. They sign up and get a private account that hosts all the information, so they practically have a history regarding the past certificates. The second service includes a free trial that expands over 14 days.


The storage part is by far the most significant upgrade. Practically, all the recipient and certificate information is properly stored online in a secure manner. Customers can reuse it or use it as a reference. Whether they have to resend a certificate or perhaps take a peek over their company history, it can be done. Moreover, users can provide reporting back to specific organizations on who they have given certificates to. The data is nicely stored and accessed via an intuitive and user friendly control panel.


To those who are not sure whether they need this service, SimpleCert has also introduced a 14 day trial. The trial provides access to everything required to start creating and offering certificates. All the options available in the basic package are also available in the trial. Once the trial is completed, clients can continue their ongoing projects or restore the ones used in the trial version, using exactly the same type of tools. As for the premium package, some of its features are not available in the trial version.


Just because it has added two extra possibilities, SimpleCert has not worked on the overall pricing. It maintains the same packages from the beginning – a basic one and a premium one. No other features were added or modified either, so previous customers will not experience any trouble in adjusting their operations.


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Established in 2015, SimpleCert has already become one of the leading certificate producers on the market. Apart from building and sending certificates, customers also have the possibility to store them now. Visit for more information and details.


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